Strategic Market Intelligence

Understanding your environment, as well as forecasting both events and trends rather than following them, are crucial to any brand strategy. These require meticulous attention to an increasingly complex, globalized and competitive environment.

Combined, these elements of due diligence are called Strategic Market Intelligence.

Like an air traffic control tower, strategic market intelligence ensures real-time awareness of the changes in environmental factors which can influence your brand’s positioning and/or your target audience’s perception of your brand, and provides your decision-making process with crucial information.

As strategic market intelligence can cover several domains such as technology, regulations, policy, and social concerns, and can also be applied to various fields such as reputation monitoring, market surveillance, competitive tracking.

Brand Shakers first advises you on the qualitative and quantitative data required for the strategic market intelligence to be relevant to your needs and objectives.

Thanks to specific and mainly digital tools, we implement either a one-off or a recurring process to carefully gather, select, and analyze information before converting it into smart data relevant to the development, deployment and monitoring of your branding.

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