PR & Media Relations


In a globalized world where information is instantly shared across continents, where media-savvy but sofa-bound influencers can shape collective behavior and individual decisions as much as formal policy-makers, the media’s role as the fourth estate takes on its full meaning.

Press Relations are a powerful asset to engage and align your audience, and are the cornerstone of any successful branding project.

With 15 years of experience in this field, Brand Shakers advises on designs and implements press relations strategies to influence and create a buzz through carefully planned and controlled brand visibility and awareness campaigns, by leveraging media opportunities, current news and trends as well as making the most of our wide network of journalists.

Brand Shakers both showcases and leverages your brand’s presence and assets; anticipates sensitive issues and topics; analyzes, measures and corrects image gaps through regular reviews; and is also well equipped to manage any crisis or issues which may occur.

We provide a wide selection of formats for your communication events: press conferences, press trips (national and international), press breakfasts or lunches, interviews, radio or television broadcasts, thematic debates and round tables.

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