Photo & Video Shoots

Crucial to any solid branding strategy, photos and video recording provide essential visual elements… After all, isn’t a picture worth 1,000 words?

For your visual identity, your website, your social media feeds, in corporate videos, infomercials, or in interviews, displaying quality images and videos is just as important as creating your branding concept or visual identity.

With the support of experienced professionals, Brand Shakers offers you quality photo and video shoots aligned with your branding concept to highlight its values and maximize its impact.

For in-studio or on-premises shoots, from casting to media distribution and advertising, or highlighting your products for an e-commerce web site, Brand Shakers works with audiovisual experts to deliver crisp, original and authentic images which are both properly processed for printing and keenly optimized for internet use.

Our comprehensive approach to video crafting includes, once the storyboard has been set up, the scouting of locations and profiling of the cast, the on-site or in-studio supervision of video shoots, as well as the careful editing using innovative technical solutions to provide high quality videos to showcase your narrative and drive customer engagement.

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