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“To hit the bull’s-eye”, “keep an eye on the ball”, “to be eagle eyed”, “feast your eyes on”, “catch someone’s eye”,… There are many expressions evoking the eyes. And with good reason: sight is one of the 5 human senses.

In fact, eyes account for about 80% of all our sensory perceptions. Our eyes are able to perceive up to 10 million separate pieces of information and transmit them to our brain in less than a second! That’s why visual identity is a key component of branding. Your brand’s visual identity includes its shapes, colors, symbols… and their emotional connection with your audience.

From a simple logo through a basic but rigorous color scheme to a comprehensive design or redesign of a visual style guide, or even a multi-channel communication campaign, Brand Shakers infuses your brand or brand communication project with unique, expressive, sophisticated and original graphic creations harnessing the sharp artistic sense and overflowing imagination of our graphic designers.

For each graphic design project, we provide several graphic options aligned with your brand values and messages and fine-tune with you the perfect visual identity to positively engage your audience.

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