Brand Strategy

Any branding campaign or project will definitely start with a brand strategy.

Brand strategies require careful consideration and analysis to identify the narrative thread which will carry the personality of your brand, the DNA by which your target audience, clients, public opinion, institutions, or partners will recognize and be drawn to you and your brand.

To establish, correct or improve your brand’s image and its reputation, Brand Shakers first schedules regular workshops with your teams: these brainstorming sessions allow us to identify the necessary and useful information for the development of your brand strategy, which covers:

  • Your market position and the competition
  • Your brand reputation
  • Your brand values
  • The history and evolution of your brand
  • Your brand’s main goals
  • The narrative your brand seeks to convey

The definitions of all these elements are brought together in a single dashboard for an effective brand strategy, which we then translate into brand content.

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